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Dr Scott Jensen With Laura Ingraham | The Ridiculous CDC Guidelines

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Apr. 09, 2020: Minnesota State Senator and family physician Dr. Scott Jensen reacts to CDC guidance on declaring Covid19 deaths.

Much of the reports coming out of both mainstream and alternative media sources is beginning to reveal a very telling picture about the suspicious reporting tactics of alleged Covid19 deaths. According to the CDC's own reporting form and instructions for classifying patients as having been infected and died with Covid19, doctors are being asked to list the main cause of death as Covid19, regardless of the presence of other more serious medical conditions that may have been or have contributed to the cause of death.

For example, if someone is admitted to the hospital from a car accident and dies of a collapsed lung as a result, but that patient's lung fluid is tested and reveals a positive test for a presumptive case of Covid19, then that death is recorded as a new Covid19 statistic. In the media reports of the numbers, the language used is telling.

Often they don't report that someone "died of" Covid19 but rather that the person "died after testing positive for" Covid19. This is a huge difference in semantic terminology and implied cause of death, but most people make the uninformed assumption that the car accident victim, murder victim, or heart attack patient, whose lung fluid tests happened to also test positive for Covid19, had died of the disease. This is purposely ambiguous at best and outright intentionally fraudulent deception at worst. It also depends largely on the accuracy of the test, and whether ot not it actually tests for the virus or exosomes or genetic markers or something else entirely.

Dr. Jensen further explains that, under current fee guidelines, if a hospital can admit a patient that they claim has Covid19, then the billable invoice from the hospital to Medicare, Medicaid, or to the patient directly, is an astonishing $13,000. If that patient gets put on a ventilator, the fee rises to $39,000!

He goes on to explain that such a diagnosis is highly subjective to place it as the first cause on the form, but that many doctors have been writing Covid19 as the primary cause of death when it really wasn't the underlying COD at all. But that little change to the form has enormous estate planning, financial, and political consequences when politicians and lawyers spin the outcome to their advantage.

QUOTE: Dr. Jensen: "Anytime health care intersects with dollars, it gets awkward... I'm not going to add stuff to the death certificate just because it is convenient."

Although he doesn't mention the billable fee to the system or to the patient's estate in the case of death, one can only imagine that it would be significantly higher than that to process the body from the hospital to the morgue, not to mention the hospital stay fees for each day the patient was in intensive care prior to death.

Dr. Jensen has a tremendous concern, both as a doctor and as a senator, that there is an obvious financial incentive for hospitals to admit patients with any condition and then add the Covid19 blame tag to the case or to the toe tag at death. Even worse, if both influenza and Coronavirus are both possible causes for a respiratory infection, Covid19 would be listed as a preference on the form!

As can be seen on the CDC's own COVID-19 Case Report Form and COVID-19 Case Report Form Instructions (see CDC link here), there is an apparent concerted effort to assign a positive presumptive test of Covid19 to each patient seen. That fact that other medical conditions may be the primary cause of respiratory or flu-like symptoms, or even death, these forms do not differentiate primary cause but rather conflate death with Coronavirus despite not being the true cause of death. It is basically a crime of omission and insinuation.

It is also NOT a conspiracy theory but rather a fact that the numbers are being generously fudged, or massaged as he put it, to err on the side of caution in order to assign blame to this flu-like virus to inflate the statistics. The rational and hidden agenda behind this is argumentative but nevertheless left wanting for an answer.

As far as the situation with Italy, Canada, or any other jurisdiction with publicly-funded or socialized health care, Italy was initially very transparent in releasing data about the age breakdown of patients and about the extent of patient admissions who had pre-existing medical conditions.

The data shows conclusively that nearly all deaths and serious cases of CV19 in Italy, which has one of the oldest demographic groups on the European continent, has occurred nearly exclusively with elderly patients who had 1,2,3 or more serious pre-existing medical conditions. In fact, the stats from the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) showed that 99.1% of Italians who died have had 1 or more pre-existing comorbidity factors.

These elderly patients have been primarily from the Lombardy region, one of the most heavily industrialized and air-polluted areas in the country with a high incidence of lung disease and annual deaths from all causes. In fact, in that one region alone, the average annual deaths from all causes was 99,542 in 2018. See link here.

The second highest region in Italy for annual deaths was Lazio, which showed 57,289 annual deaths from all sources. See link here.

In 2019, Italy had a population of 60.4 Million and an annual death total of 649,061 in 2017 representing a death rate each year of 10.7 per 1000. That works out to an average of 1,778 per day every year.

Germany leads European totals with 933,000 annual deaths from all causes. To compare Italy's annual death totals to the rest of Europe, click here.

The average life expectancy in Italy is 84.01, and the vast majority of supposed Covid19 deaths has averaged age 80.5.

The first death of Covid19 in Italy is reported to have occured on Feb 21, 2020. According to, a population clock and now coronavirus tracking database, as of the time of writing on April 11, 2020, Italy has had 18,849 deaths attributed to Covid19 in the intervening 50 days. Click here for the current talley.

Since Italy typically should expect 50 x 1778 daily deaths under normal circumstances, the country should have already had a total of 88,900 normal deaths since Feb 21. The fact is, people are not dropping in the streets and overwhelming the morgues as has been told to us by the media.

Thus, it is highly possible that perhaps ALL of the 21.2% of reported deaths in Italy have been erroneously attributed to Covid19 rather than typical old age ailments. Our guess would be that when the final stats come in for the entire 2020 year, we won't see a dramatic increase in total deaths in Italy due to some mysterious illness. Of course the damage to the world economy will have been done long before then.

It has been reported by several independent researchers that government officials in Italy and other countries like the USA, have been going to great lengths to both classify each new patient and even reclassify previous cases over the last few months as Covid19 cases.

Of course, this begs the question, why? Why would they want to inflate, conflate, or exaggerate these numbers? These questions and more must be answered.

See also this post: What they aren't telling you about the Italian Covid19 Situation


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